First Steps - The process explained
I've found from working with potential clients that there are several questions that come up about the steps involved to have me partner with you in your gym's bookkeeping efforts. Here's a quick rundown of the steps. I look forward to scheduling your Complimentary Bookkeeping Analysis today!
  •  Introduction, exchange of messages online (via email, Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn Messages, etc.)
  •  Install Skype if you haven't already - this will allow us to have video calls at any time and allows me to share the screen to show you details step by step.
  •  Schedule your bookkeeping analysis for your gym - this video call usually takes about 1 hour.
  •  Review my recommendations for your gym's bookkeeping LIVE on screen during the bookkeeping analysis call.
  •  Review Bronze, Silver and GOLD package offerings and prices LIVE on screen during the bookkeeping analysis call.
  •  Receive formal Bookkeeping Services Proposal by email and review after the bookkeeping analysis call.
  •  Follow Up by call, email or other message to choose your Bookkeeping Services Package.
  •  Receive Engagement Letter (contract) by email for digital signature and sign.
  •  Receive auto pay form for payment of bookkeeping services by email for digital signature and sign. 
  •  If you've already got a QuickBooks Online subscription, you'll invite me as an accountant user and I'll take over the bill for your subscription! (A $600 annual value!)
  •  If you don't already have QuickBooks Online, I'll get you signed up through my account and assign you as the master administrator for your books. I'll have full access and also pay for your subscription! (A $600 annual value!)
  •  If necessary for the size of your gym/the number of transactions you have each month, I will set up an expense automation tool called Hubdoc for your gym. I'll also pay the subscription fees for this! (A $240 annual value!)
  •  In the meantime, you'll contact your bank and credit card companies to set up separate read-only access for me. I'll then be able to reconcile your bank accounts and provide you with accurate financial statements.
  •  You'll also set up a separate user for me in your class scheduling software (i.e. JackRabbit, iClass, etc.)
  •  At this point you're ready to start submitting your invoices and receipts to me for categorization - I'll take it from there and you'll have a lot more time to provide the opportunity for more to participate at your gym!
  •  We'll schedule video calls throughout the year to review your financial statements and touch base on any ideas or questions you may have.
  •  Throughout our business engagement, you'll always have access to me by email - I offer no less than a 24 business hour turnaround for all email questions!
Cool things to note:
  •  You're never stuck in a long term contract - either party can terminate the contract with a 30 day notice in writing. My goal is to help you have time to provide the opportunity to everyone to participate in the great activities your gym provides! You shouldn't have to feel stressed over a long term contract!
  •  QuickBooks Online subscriptions are INCLUDED in your monthly fee! That's a $600 annual value! (Even though it's a feature I offer, I admit it's one of my favorites) 
  •  When deemed necessary to have a Hubdoc account, your Hubdoc subscription is also INCLUDED in your monthly bookkeeping fee! That's an additional $240 annual value! 
  •  You can change packages (from Bronze to Gold, Gold to Silver, etc.) at any time with a 30 day notice. 
  •  I review my package prices no less than annually. You'll never see a price increase without at least a 30 day notice (most times I will offer 60 days before increasing your package price).
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